Marketing : The Ultimate Convenience!

Being in the photography business for over 15 years now I have seen the marketplace of photography, and also the way bride & grooms choose photographers completely change. Sure there is ‘word of mouth’ referrals, and there probably always will probably be – but professional photographers cannot sit back and let Yellowpages plus a wedding show or two help them.

At the same time reinforcing themselves with a stream of cheery models engaged in consumption and leisure, they shuttle from workstation to mall, increasingly insulated by way of a media consensus that leaves out your rest of the world. We have stood a band of denial built around ourselves. Thus this belief cost us the capacity to self-correct. Thus this delusional self-image is finally catching up with us. And make no mistake marketing will manage to benefit hugely when reality finally breaks through.


The great thing about this kind of advertising could be that the vendor is only going to pay for the ‘hits’ that he gets on his keywords or phrases. That is, inside articles and testimonials will be key words and phrases (usually developed in blue and underlined occasionally) that the prospective customer can click on to take them to the main site where he is able to find out more detailed information. This is called ‘pay per click’ which means that the vendor will only pay a little amount each time the blue words or phrase are clicked on.

Prepare you for the long run. As your business grows, you will see significant changes taking place. Not only will you must focus on the business’ expansion, and also how your organization will be impacted by the market conditions and trends at that time. The plan also serves as a snapshot of your business during different phases. The initial draft may consist of your projections for the business in the first three to five years. Such projections may change after your first year based on your organization’ performance. These adjustments would provide you with a platform for building your small business. You can make reference to certain sections of the plan to examine its track record, trends, and statistical changes. With this information, you’ll be able to pinpoint the underlying factors behind the good and bad in your company.

This is a research study in a corporation that lost its way. Milking the minute photography segment for quite some time was not at all wrong, however, that old adage that “you aren’t the greatest, merely the latest” was never more applicable. Market leaders, those that stay market leaders no less than, will almost always be seeking to expand their range, offer product improvements or leap to new markets with existing products.